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HOME THEATER CALIBRATION AND TUNE-UP SERVICES: Video Dementia is owned and operated by Tom Sullivan (aka: Guitarman") on the AVS forum. Since 2006, Tom has been contributing to the AVS forum, doing projector reviews and building up quite a bit of of expertise and an array of projectors, screens and associated hardware. Tom has reviewed and analyzed Optoma, NEC, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, Seleco and other recognized projectors and home video systems. He has become an expert calibrator using the Color Facts and Avia software systems. His perseverance and troubleshooting abilities have made him an internationally recognized expert at calibration and a factory authorized firmware upgrade installer.

Video Dementia is a consulting company specializing in the professional calibration of home video systems. We are experts in the latest technologies, including:


Plasma and LCD flat panel displays

Front projector systems, digital or CRT

Rear projection TVs, digital or CRT

PVRs and home theater PCs (HTPC)

Audio channel balancing

Repairs and firmware upgrades

Before and After


Before calibration, skin tones too red.


After calibration, perfect skin tones.

After calibration, smooth solid blacks and perfect skin tones.

Tuned image, perfect contrast, color and fleshtones, crisp whites.


Temperature Tracking: uneven, away from the D6500-K, mostly 7500-K.


Temperature Tracking: even, D6500-K temperature numbers


Color Tracking: green too low, red and blue too high.


Color Tracking: converging green, red and blue.


Chromacity: scattered color points are away from the D6500-K area (upper right corner).


Chromacity: scattered color points close to the D6500-K area (upper right corner).

A perfectly balanced color chart, color points in a triangle.

ColorFacts graphs after calibration: dark, smooth blacks (upper left); grayscale converged (upper right); gamma at 2.2 with a smooth steady curve; RGB converged at D6500-K.

We provide a broad array of services for users of video systems. We tailor every calibration job to each individual customer's needs. Examples of our most requested individual services are:

Equipment selection and consultation

Trouble-shooting specific problems

Video display calibrations

Factory authorized upgrades

We perform video calibrations at ISF recommended pricing, specifically $250 for plasma and LCD flat panels, $275 for RPTs, and $325 for front projectors. This is for one input; additional inputs range from $75 - $125. Trouble shooting and custom consulting services available.

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